Return of the Newsletter

Hi there! If you're reading this, you're probably like us—you subscribed to a ton of newsletters you were excited to learn from, but somehow most of them ended up sitting in your inbox, unread.

But have you thought why there are suddenly so many newsletters? To answer this, let's leave the inbox for a moment.

It's practically in our DNA to read and consume content to keep learning. That’s why we pick up books, read blogs and listen to podcasts. Now newsletters are becoming the go-to source for this knowledge. They arrive in your inbox, like newspaper would show up at your front door back in the day, and are written in a more personable tone than a blog.

Substack accelerated this by making it simple for writers to start their publication. Suddenly, all the inspiring ideas and thoughts from domain experts we want to learn from are just one ‘Subscribe’ button away from our inbox.

And that's where we are today:

  1. With so many newsletters available to us, we feel overwhelmed and are not reading what we came for.
  2. While email is great for distributing newsletters, your inbox isn’t the best place to read.
  3. Even if we read the newsletter, we often forget what we learned the next day.

    It's no wonder that newsletters are more popular than ever before. But to get the most out of them, we also need to nail the reading and learning experience. And this is the problem we want to solve with a product we’re designing.

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